Airport Extras – Portable iPhone Apps

Stanstead Airport has invested in a new iPhone application that will allow passengers to check and book from the seat of their living room, train journey, or back of the minicab.

Stanstead Airport now on the iPhone

Stanstead Airport now on the iPhone

This will be useful as passengers are often in the in the loop regarding the parts of travel that are sometimes not considered for their holiday.

Information can be found online regarding new travel info, or some of the bestonline options for travel.


It seems most of these areas of travel have been covered by the new portable application. Some of the features include:

  • Live Destinations
  • Journey Planner for Rail, Coach, or car
  • Shops and restaurants with discount offers

Click here to find more info on the Stanstead iPhone app.


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Portable Lap for your Portable Laptop

Fold-em-ups will feature heavily in this source of technological travel time-savers.  The AViiQ is a slim trim almost interim laptop stand.  The device unfolds

AViiQ laptop stand

AViiQ laptop stand foldaway

to provide a slender bed for the lappy


AViiQ-laptop-stand for the laptop

Gadget news on the AViiQ laptop stand

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Airport Parking Heathrow Heaven

Parking in any large carpark can be quite an
affair.  Almost everyone has had the situation
where they get so emotional on the greeting that
they forget aobut the seating to get back home.
The Highlight device takes the looking out of the
car park booking. The system indicates and helps to
locate the car

Airport Parking Heathrow Highlight Parking System

Illustration of the Airport Parking Heathrow Highlight Parking System

Heathrow airport handles around forty three million passengers so
the Highlight system is ideal. The Highlight parking sytem
also helps to cut costs for airport parking
that may easily increase whilst figuring out where the vehicle is.

The Highlight Heathrow parking system.

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MiFi promises to be bigger than HiFi

The top T3 winner is featured here for its
supportive properties, especially for business
The MiFi is a useful mobile broadband product as it
distributes Wifi connectivity to up to five
‘portable’ devices.  the little device is proving
very useful for those who need a temporary internet
connection, or a roaming one.
Info for MiFi by Novatel

The Three network lead the MiFi technology in the UK
according to T3, as the device won the t3 Gadget of the
out of many devices.

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Where would be without the Apple iPad 3G?

See pic of our Jenny here posing with device

Apple iPad 3G image

look at me with the iPad 3g

(just kidding!)

Not the most inexpensive device but then that would
depend on what it is mainly used for, and this
slick little number can sure do a lot.
Recent winner of the T3 gadget awards, we thought
it best to  highlight it as a premier travel
gadget. See more on the Great T3 Innovation of the

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